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Change Locks
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The lock of any property is the source of its security and your key is your way to be in control of it.
Anytime you need to save your precious asset whether it is your automotive, apartment or office, begin with its lock!

Residential Locks

Residential Change Lock Ann Arbor MI

Automotive Locks

Automotive Change Lock Ann Arbor MI

Commercial Locks

Commercial Change Lock Ann Arbor MI

When Should I Change Locks?

To be safe, you have to ensure the safety of your precious assets’ locks.

If you bought a used car, you have to secure it. You don’t know who is still has a copy of its key! Therefore, you should change its lock. Even if you moved into a new house or office, it is wise to change the locks to stay safe.

Depend on Locksmiths Ann Arbor when you need to ensure your safety! We can change and rekey your property’s locks properly.

Change Lock

15 OFF $

Rekey Lock

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Changing Auto Locks

Our locksmith technicians can change any lock in your auto.

In case you want to change your car door, trunk or ignition lock, we can change it correctly.

Regardless of your car make and model, whether it is Kia, Nissan, Honda or any other car brand, we can deal with it.

Anytime you face a car lockout problem because you lost or forget your car key, rely on us. Our technicians can unlock your car door lock and make new original keys for you.

Our trained technicians can be on site within few minutes of your Call!


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We offer fast and efficient services, for all your security needs.Our highly trained locksmiths can service all your security concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Change Locks Ann Arbor MI

Replace Your Home Lock

Do you have a damaged lock in your home? If you want to find a solution that fits it, call us to examine it.

We will come to your house and decide whether your lock can be repaired or you should replace the whole lock. In both cases, we will help you.

Moreover, if you don’t want to change the whole lock, but want to have a new key, we can rekey all your home locks perfectly.

We can change or rekey the locks of your garage door as well.

All our locksmith services’ prices are straightforward and very affordable.

Rekeying Locks Ann Arbor MI

Secure Your Commercial Locks!

The security of your office is one of the most important matters that concern you.

There are many commercial locks, they differ in the level of security that they offer. Therefore, if you want to update your office locks, we will support you.

Furthermore, we offer a new lock installation service. We can also install keyless entry locks in your office whenever you need.

With us, you will enjoy our speediest response and the highest quality service. Just give us a call to experience our awesome service that is always available in Ann Arbor, Michigan.