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Rekey Lock
Ann Arbor

Rekey locks service is an easy service in which a specialist changes the lock pins with new ones so, your key becomes useless and you will get a new key.
Anytime you need to rekey a lock in your car, house or office, contact us.

Residential Rekey

Residential Rekey Lock Ann Arbor MI

Automotive Rekey

Automotive Rekey Lock Ann Arbor MI

Commercial Rekey

Commercial Rekey Lock Ann Arbor MI

Professionals Who Care!

Rekey locks is one of the valuable locksmith services that we offer besides new lock installation service. If you want to have a new key without changing the whole lock, this service fulfills your need.

Our company strives to offer every locksmith service that you may need; therefore, with Locksmiths Ann Arbor, you will get all your needs.

Moreover, our locksmith technicians are highly qualified to rekey any lock type correctly. They are friendly and carefully listen to your problems to provide you with suitable solutions that fit you.

Change Lock

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Rekey Lock

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Why Choose Us?

In our company, we always offer a full locksmith service that satisfies you!

Our locksmith experts understand every locksmith problem perfectly and when they reach your location, they can offer any locksmith service as the keys made service, extract broken key or any other service.

With the help of our Mobile locksmith service, you will get the speediest response. Our trucks are fully equipped with the best tools and machines.

You can get our service day or night in each place in Ann Arbor MI!

Our trained technicians can be on site within few minutes of your Call!


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We offer fast and efficient services, for all your security needs.Our highly trained locksmiths can service all your security concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Auto Rekey Lock Ann Arbor MI

Control Your Assets!

In case you face any situation in which you realize that it is wise to rekey the lock, you can get our help.

For example, when you buy a new house or office, it is good to rekey its door lock because you don’t know who still keeps a copy of the key! Be the only one who is in control because it is your property.

Even if you bought a used car, you have to rekey its locks. That is because many people seek to have spare car keys and may someone still have the spare key of your car. Depend on us and forget your worries, we can rekey the locks of Ford, Nissan, Subaru, and all other car brands locks correctly.

Whether it is a lock in your office, house or auto, we can rekey it.

Rekeying Locks Ann Arbor MI

Keep Your Wallet Full!

With us, you will enjoy the unique service!

In case you depend on a dealership to rekey a lock for you, you will pay much money. However, we rekey any lock of any property and make new keys for you at an affordable price.

Therefore, you need to depend on the professionals who care about you to not waste your money!

Save your money and your precious property at the same time by calling us.

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